In the beginning there was...                                            Marvin W. Fishman

He was born Marvin Fishman on January 6, 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio "to be close to his Mother".



"We were so poor we couldn't afford a middle name."  (He added the middle initial "W" as an adult because it looked good on luggage.)


    Cowboy Marvin at age 5 

Little Sailor Marvin was angry when they took this picture. 

Marvin sings on local radio for Billy Tilton at 8 years old while another boy tap-dances.   His buddies ask, "how do you dance and sing at the same time?"  

He becomes part of the Honeydale Street Gang;       nickname: "Fish". 

He's regularly beat up by a local Italian gang. 

Hence his trademark closing as Flippo: "Love ya,         keep smiling and don't fight!"

And he was lucky enough to get pony rides for his birthday.

The prodigy's mother bribed him with a snare drum to get him to sing in public. 

His voice cracks at age 13 ending his radio career.  Marvin switches to the
saxophone when he inherits the instrument from his uncle. 

He receives a
ribbon of excellence every year in his junior high school band.

He turns 13 and like a nice Jewish boy, he gets bar mitzvahed.

You're In The Army Now

Marvin W. Fishman joins the Army upon high school graduation in 1945.

He is such a good marksman that he becomes an instructor.  He's sent to Pusan, Korea "and that's what it smelled like... poo-son."

During the daytime, he types reports as second in command.  He obtains early hardship exits for soldiers who need to get home.  He doesn't take his own R & R if it means someone else can't go home sooner.  He exemplies selflessness, patriotism and love of family.

At the Kimpo army base he creates the "Kimpo Combo" to play for both officers and regular joes. Listeners couldn't believe how swinging they were for a throw-together outfit.

He's discharged in 1946 as one of the Army's youngest Tech Sergeants at age twenty.


    He attends Ohio State in the Spring Quarter of 1947 to     study Optometry.
Bored, he joins the marching band
    and goes back to his first true love:
MUSIC!  Marvin         W.  Fishman plays jazz gigs in various bands and             changes his name to a more snazzy "Bob Marvin".

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